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Why you should make HalfPriceMotelRooms.com your source for discount rooms!

The HalfPriceMotelRooms.com web site can best be described as a place where surplus room inventories meet willing buyers at a discount rate. HalfPriceMotelRooms.com is part of 424 individual web sites that make up the Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegasīs empire of Internet web sites. Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas (IVLV) is the oldest city guide online for Las Vegas, starting in 1994.

Join the thousands of people who have decided to take advantage of our 50% Off motel rooms. Your wallet will love you. Your 50% Off room purchases includes all benefits as if you had paid full retail price. More motels and room options added soon.

"21" reasons why HalfPriceMotelRooms.com is the smart choice for 50% Off discount motel rooms:

1. All rooms sold at 50% off actual regular price.
2. Buy 50% OFF rooms for today or buy 50% OFF rooms up to 1-90 days in advance.
3. No hidden fees.
4. No one will ever know you did not pay full retail price.  The person in the next room to you probably paid full price. 
5. Online sales only. Upon completed purchase, Confirmation Code is displayed on your monitor.  Print or write down code. Take code, a valid credit card and your photo ID to motel front desk. (Email confirmation is also sent, in real time)
6. No memberships to join.
7. No coupons or vouchers.
8. Price, quantities, savings, room types, 10 images, descriptions of motel, room descriptions are posted.
9. No registration needed to see all information.
10. We work directly with motels to sell their unsold rooms, these rooms are quality rooms with many extras included.
11. Throughout our 424 individual web sites, you can be directed to HalfPriceMotelRooms.com for all the half price room specials.
12. Payments for rooms are exact, no phony taxes, hidden fees, convenience charges, inflated prices or surcharges added at time of checkout.
13. Multiple confirmations per each sale... upon completed sale, you will see confirmation information posted on your monitor and an email confirmation is sent in real time.  Additional emails can also be sent if needed.  
14. We offer you the ability to buy 50% OFF motel rooms for a gift.  When completing the check out page, you will notice an area to place an additional name if this purchase is for someone other than yourself. Give the gift person the unique confirmation code and have them take the code, a valid credit card and their photo ID to the check in desk and it is that simple.
15. We are expanding beyond Las Vegas and are currently working with several other city venues around the USA and worldwide. We provide the discount room buyer an outstanding selection of rooms to buy at 50% off.
16. We are the first company online to offer half price motel rooms months into the future at real half prices.
17. All sales are final.  Take the confirmation code, a valid credit card and your photo ID to the check in area of the motel and enjoy the stay. No standing in lines, get checked into the motel and enjoy your 50% savings.
18. Each motel sets the number of rooms we receive per day and often they adjust and give us more rooms when we sell out our daily allotment.  Check back often, more rooms and shows will be added frequently.
19. Customers buying discount rooms never stand in line and thus creating a happy experience to enjoy the stay.
20. Weather does not hamper our online sales, you can buy tickets in the comfort of your home or office. 
21. The Internet reaches much farther than any print publication, thus giving a buyer the opportunity to buy 50% Off in various locations all from one web site, all in real time.   

The above items and many more reasons are the highlights why HalfPriceMotelRooms.com has become a huge success. It is now time to expand into other cities, even in this economy. People are still traveling, but they want the best deal for their money and that is where HalfPriceMotelRooms.com has become a leader in room sales.


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